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by Dr Sonja GRAF

The Swiss Expert in Parents Mindset

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If you would like to find your way, be deeply happy in your life AND at the same time succeed as parents you are in the right place!

A stress-free life

Eliminate stress, negative thoughts and negative emotions. Transform the destructive content of your subconscious mind. Avoid repeating your parents’ mistakes.

Daily exercises

Take a small step forward every day. How to manage stress, be emotionally open, and enjoy family time.

... for you and for your children.

Educate yourself and you child

Learn the tools to create an intelligent, emotionally stable child prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

And serenity?

Recreate your reality by changing your deep beliefs.

Don't wait for the perfect moment. Seize the moment and make it perfect!

Live a life you are proud of!


Dr Sonja Graf

The Swiss Expert in Parents Mindset

From early childhood, Sonja was always interested in finding the answer to the question why. Why does everything around us exist, why we are here and what is the point of being here on Earth? This inquisitive inner voice, always seeking for answers to questions, big or small, and for helping her understand better the meaning of life. This aspect of her character has continued to define Sonja throughout her studies, professional and personal endeavours.

She obtained her PhD in Economy in Switzerland, and worked several years in the field of events management. Generally the events she organised were exciting and extremely motivating. The Switzerland-Japan cultural exchange for children in 2014 was deeply satisfying the both the kids and Sonja, as the goal went beyond exploring culture and nature, but ultimately was to increase the awareness of the children and making them more open for the differences that the world around us offers.

From that moment on, Sonja realized that her inner motivation is that beyond working with people, it is extremely important that the result of her work contributes towards making society a better place, even if modestly.

Having been an aikido and meditation teacher for over a decade, she finally decided to dedicate all her energy towards developing these activities.

Aikido, although a martial art, seeks to establish harmony with all that surrounds us; people, world, us. Its philosophy is that helping others is needed for one’s own self-development. Every child that starts aikido with Sonja learns not only to defend her/himself, but also empathy, respect and non-judgement. He/she learns how to transform the world into a better place. And each minute of the training is dedicated to this mission!

Finally, Sonja’s real passion is meditation/mindset. She believes in making the world a better place, as well as helping people achieve their inner peace and ultimate happiness. For more than 15 years she is coaching adults, in addition to organising retreats in Japan and India. Every person has a potential waiting to be realised, and Sonja knows where and how to activate it in order that a person’s inner light starts to shine.

If she can summarise in one sentence what drives her, it is: Leave this planet a better place than how you found it.